Backpackers San Pedro

We were recommended the Backpackers San Pedro hostel by the English guys we met at La Chimba hostel in Santiago. After they told us about San Pedro de Atacama we were sold, and likewise with this hostel. Although a bit pricey at 15,000 pesos (£19) each per night, it was still cheaper than some of […]

SPACE – Stargazing

We were excited about stargazing in San Pedro de Atacama as we’d been told great things about it. So after booking our tour through Backpackers San Pedro hostel, we caught the minibus from the edge of town for an early evening viewing of our galaxy. Disappointment hit pretty quick though, as the SPACE stargazing centre […]

Red Rocks, Lagoons & Saltflats

From San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, we went on a trip to see the Red Rocks (Piedras Rojas), High Plateau Lagoons (Altiplanic Lagoons: Miscanti and Miniques) and the Atacama Salt flat (Salar de Atacama). As soon as we got picked up and introduced to our German guide Gaston, we knew this was going to […]

Moon Valley

Moon Valley in the Atacama Desert is a fine example of just how stunning Mother Nature is. From the moment we started walking through this textured landscape, I felt as though I had left Earth. Following our guide, my anticipation heightened in the abundant sun and seemingly endless powerful blue sky. We were embarking on […]

San Pedro de Atacama

We had never heard about San Pedro de Atacama until we were told about it from a group of English guys staying at La Chimba hostel. It sounded like such a great place that we decided to go and I’m so glad we did! I’ve never been somewhere that is in such close proximity to […]

Rainbow Valley, Chile

Rainbow Valley (Valle del Arcoiris) was our first of five excursions from San Pedro de Atacama, all of which were booked through our hostel, Backpackers San Pedro for a very reasonable price. After being collected in a minibus, we were on our way. Even the journey was enjoyable, because we couldn’t tear our eyes from […]