Backpackers San Pedro

We were recommended the Backpackers San Pedro hostel by the English guys we met at La Chimba hostel in Santiago. After they told us about San Pedro de Atacama we were sold, and likewise with this hostel.

Although a bit pricey at 15,000 pesos (£19) each per night, it was still cheaper than some of the others in town. We booked  6 nights here: 5 in a private double and 1 in a private twin -annoyingly 1 night was booked in the double – who on earth would only book 1 night here?!

The double room was basically taken up by the bed and had a bedside table either side of it. Although pretty tight, it is some what of a luxury when we can both get out of our own side of the bed! As you can see the decor has been created by a hyperactive sponge and looks very similar to the kitchen my mum decorated in my childhood flat – so it felt nice and familiar.

Backpackers San Pedro Chile

Backpackers San Pedro Chile

There are two decent size kitchens with crockery in them (always helpful) and only 4 showers with toilets (not as helpful).

The best thing about this hostel is the outdoor space. It is divided into two areas: one that has hammocks, benches and the reception and the second that has a ping pong table, sun loungers, bar, seating and the best part – a bonfire every night! As the rooms surround the central space you can hear everything, so people have to be quiet from midnight. This is fine though as everyone gets up really early to do one of the million excursions. Conveniently these can all be booked from the hostel at a discount when you book more than 3 tours in one go. We booked all 5 sightseeing tours here and weren’t disappointed.

Backpackers San Pedro Chile

Backpackers San Pedro Chile

The hostel is located outside of the centre, which is great. It is in one of the residential areas, so we got to explore this fantastic little town. Also the hostel is in prime position to see the stunning view of the mountains – a sight that will forever take my breath away.

Backpackers San Pedro Chile


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