Bed for Wine Hostel

Bed for Wine hostel, Mendoza is in a great spot, situated between Av.Sarmiento and Av.Villanueva Aristides – both of which are packed full of bars and restaurants – and just a 10 minute walk from the city centre.

We booked a private room that came with an ensuite, which was very basic. The double bed was comfortable and the room was well heated, although smelt very strongly of gas from the heater. Luckily it came with a free adjoining room with bunk beds, which was helpful to lay our stuff on, as there was no wardrobe or side space – just a cupboard that had seen better days!

The bathroom was effectively a toilet with a shower attached to the wall, making it a small type of wet room – not great, but just about did the job…

The outside area was nice with a huge palm tree in the middle and seating areas, which would be nice in the summer.

Bed for Wine
Entrance to our room at Bed for Wine

The inside communal area was the only place that wifi worked and this was where the bar was that I saw no one man during our 4 night stay. There was a small TV room that we never went in and also a laundry room, however they would only do it for us, rather than letting us do it, so we didn’t bother.

The kitchen was very skanky and had limited, gross crockery, so we ‘cooked’ twice and left it at that. The last of our food from the fridge was nicked on the last day – boo.

Breakfast is basic, with over-strong coffee, cornflakes and white square bread with no crockery to actually eat it with. We kept the same mugs that we drank everything out of and even sometimes ate out of!

Hostel staff were pleasant, but the overall atmosphere felt quite disjointed – this could have been because it was off-peak though. For £13 a night, it was the cheapest place we found when booking just days in advance, so not too surprised it was a bit shoddy!


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