Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires – see the city through our eyes

A taste of Buenos Aires from rich to poor, old with new and natural verses manmade.

Obelisco de Buenos Aires
Obelisco de Buenos Aires
San Telmo
Banana artwork in San Telmo
Tree Roots
Surreal tree roots near National Congress
The Pink House
The Pink House
Swollen Tree
Swollen tree around city centre
Sinclair, Palermo
Sinclair, Palermo
San Telmo Artwork
Si next to San Telmo artwork
Make-shift homes
Make-shift homes near National Congress
National Congress & Fountain
National Congress and Fountain
Highstreet Buildings
Buildings around the city centre
City Outskirts
Outer City
Cafe Tortini
Cafe Tortini
City Centre
City Centre
Russian Orthodox Church
Russian Orthodox Church
Me in front of a graffitied San Telmo building
Bloated Tree
Me staring at a spiky tree around the city centre
Birds & Statue
Birds flying past the statue near National Congress

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