Concha y Toro Winery

As a massive wine lover, I wanted to visit at least one winery on my travels, so we decided to visit Concha y Toro as it was the only one accessible by public transport from Santiago. The others had to be booked as part of an organised tour, which costs a lot more than going […]

Mendoza, Argentina

After the chaos of the Buenos Aires bus station, it was a relief to finally be on the bus to Mendoza after being delayed. We guessed this was due to a car being on fire in the middle of the road a little way out of the centre. Anyhow, we were thoroughly entertained in our […]

Rafting and Trekking in Mendoza

Who cares that it was the third half of June and the river was around 8 degrees – the sky showed us what the colour blue really is and the water reminded us of how exhilarated we can feel. Deciding to book a rafting and trekking tour at Rio Adventure in Mendoza was a bloody […]